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Buy SubDomain Names

Short character subdomain names can be alternatives to the unique domain names. When the premium domain names are expensive, get the cheapest premium subdomains here. Shortest blog name and unique.

Buy Bi-Annual Premium Names for Your Blogs

  • $4 (Rp 45.000) 1 character for 2 years  (ex: see the one character blog name ideas).
  • $3 (Rp 35.000) 2 characters for 2 years (ex:,, etc).
  • $2 (Rp 25.000) 3 characters for 2 years (ex:,, etc).
  • $1 (Rp 15.000) 4 characters for 2 years (ex:,, etc).
2 years subdomain names are cheap. Renewal every 2 years.
Host on Blogger servers for free. 
Pay with Paypal or Indonesian Banks: BCA & Mandiri.

Free Web Addresses for Your Blogspot Blogs

How to get free web names: (1). Fill out the SubDomain Order Form, (2). Follow the step by step guides, see the videos to guide yourself to a more efficient way of managing your blogs. (3). Check your e-mail and read carefully. Our default guide is in English. It's easy.

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