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The blog address is the centerpiece of your blog/website. Pay attention to finding a free sub-domain name, but make sure it serves the purpose you want it to. Choose for free!

Choosing Right Sub-Domain Name for Your Blog

 If you have a plan to build a website or blog, the use of URL name is extremely important. Instead the website contents. Overall, website naming is a part of the online marketing power. So, get blog name rightly.

Advantages for Your Blog/Website

Choosing and applying the sub-domain doesn’t mean useless. It even is really important and take many benefits for online businessman. Sub-domain can be used for placing any backlinks that refer to the main domain. 

Beside that, the use of sub-domain is free here, it saves your budget than you should buy the new domain. Sub-domain even is allowed to have the similar contents with the main website. They can be in the one niche. 

To get a free sub-domain commonly is really easy and free. Premium sub-domains are cheapest than TLD domain names. If you feel that a sub-domain that is provided by your CPanel is not too satisfying, go to premium sub-domain order form to get the sub-domain with excellent hosting quality on Blogger servers. And you must know, Blogger is owned by Google. So, Blogger's servers are Google's servers.
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Free Web Addresses for Your Blogspot Blogs

How to get free web names: (1). Fill out the SubDomain Order Form, (2). Follow the step by step guides, see the videos to guide yourself to a more efficient way of managing your blogs. (3). Check your e-mail and read carefully. Our default guide is in English. It's easy.

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