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How to Get Free Domain

As we know that the use of domain is really essential for anyone. When  someone desire to build a new web or blog, automatically they will a thing named domain as the web’s identity.
If you use a blogger as your CMS, the domain and host can be yours at free, but if you want to have a blog that is customizable and more extended, choosing top domain level is a good idea. You can get premium domain with the free ways. So learn how to get free domain at glance.

Visit Some Hosting Providers

Some hosting provider not only offers you free host but also domain. Yes, although the domain is not .COM but at least you can make your web as you want, with a desired name. Instead, alternatively, you can order a host in some specific provider, some of them  usually offer a free domain with the requirement, that you should buy the host at first.

Join To CMS

CMS is a media for you to explore everything, even in term of online business. Almost all CMS are free, they have included self domain and hosting. Some popular CMS recently i.e. blogspot, wordpress, tumblr etc. Hope the way to get free domain above can inspire you all.
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Free Web Addresses for Your Blogspot Blogs

How to get free web names: (1). Fill out the SubDomain Order Form, (2). Follow the step by step guides, see the videos to guide yourself to a more efficient way of managing your blogs. (3). Check your e-mail and read carefully. Our default guide is in English. It's easy.

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