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The Power of Blogspot To Realize

If compared to other CMS like Joomla, WordPress, WIX, Tumblr and so on, Blogspot is better. Instead providing free hosting and free domain, blogspot precisely is owned by Google. The master of the Internet.

The power of blogspot is so complex and much, the popularity of blogspot over the time is improved, it is caused blogger really becomes the family member of Google so that Google treats blogger is different or being prioritized than other CMS in the Google search engine point of view.

Fast Indexing Process

Sometimes, when we search keywords/phrase in search engine, we always find webpage or link that lead up to blog named
That’s a prove that Google loves blogger than all, it also proves that the power of blogspot is not far different than TLD domain, or even is better. Indexing process on search engine is easier.

Renaming URL Address

Even if you want to make your blog looks professional, you can  change it with TLD domains, .com, .net, .org or .info and even still able using the login appearance of blogspot. But, change it with TLD domain will cost you some money to set up and maintain, especially because you have to pay the domain name.
For simple solution for renaming the site address: you can change your blogspot subdomain with subdomain for free.
Let's satisfy Blogger with another way: renaming the blog address.
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Free Web Addresses for Your Blogspot Blogs

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