Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where To Get Free Domain

When you decide building a web or blog, of course you will need a domain and hosting. Domain becomes the second thing that is as important as hosting.

By having domain, we have an own URL that displays our web. Domain can be categorized as the web address,  that allows many people to search contents through search engine that ends to our web.

 Domain name also affects our web’s popularity. Selecting the domain’s  name also includes as the most essential strategy in optimizing your blog (SEO methods). Domain is not always expensive, even if you want, you can get a free domain from internet. Check where to get free domain from there!

Through Free Hosting Provider

Some hosting providers not only offer free hosting but also free domains. Some domains are offered by any providers such as idhostinger, 000webhost, etc. They offer free hosting for short periods and so does the hosting. They actually offer free domain or free subdomain and hosting with limited space and limited bandwidth.