Blogger Custom Domain Error 12

Blogger custom domain setting is really important step to change your blogger domain to be TLD domain.
It is used to improve your web’s popularity so that being immediately to be indexed.
Blogger custom domain is done aims to make your web/blog to look greater look and more professional. But sometimes you will face any troubleshooting you never guess before.

Blogger custom domain error 12 becomes a little problem for you, moreover when you can anticipate it. Here are the ways to treat blogger custom domain error 12.  

 Domain error 12 commonly is caused by the domain ownership not verified. Instead error 12, we have observed "Error 14", "Error 32", Error 12" and "Error 13" in reported many bloggers. Be sure that the domain you used is verified and really to be yours.

Be sure to follow the domain registration, bought from a third party registrar. It is going to happen for new custom domain and for mature domain being published. To prevent the error that occurs , again, be sure to ensure base DNS addresses should also be verified, to make right setup. Then, you would be advised for verifying the presence of the proper domain ownership "CNAME" verification.

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